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Fortunately they all landed in Australia ... in 1851, in 1884 and in 1938




Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margit  Abt 1942Sho'ah I612
2 son  Sho'ah I1006
3 GELLERT, Bandi  Sho'ah I989
4 GELLERT, Bimbi  Sho'ah I971
5 GELLERT, daughter  Sho'ah I980
6 GELLERT, daughter  Sho'ah I981
7 GELLERT, Margit  Sho'ah I970
8 GELLERT, Miklos  Sho'ah I969
9 KOVACS, Imre  Sho'ah I991
10 SEBOK, Bela  1942Sho'ah I509
11 SEBOK, Gyuri  1942Sho'ah I513
12 SIMPLER, Marta  Abt 1942Sho'ah I614
13 SIMPLER, Pauline  Abt 1943Sho'ah I951
14 SIMPLER, Robert  Abt 1942Sho'ah I616
15 SIMPLER, Stella  Abt 1942Sho'ah I615
16 SPRINGER, Isador  Sho'ah I484
17 STERNBERG, Anna  Abt 1942Sho'ah I531
18 STERNBERG, Armin  Abt 1942Sho'ah I529
19 STERNBERG, Baruch  Abt 1942Sho'ah I528
20 STERNBERG, Irma  Abt 1942Sho'ah I530
21 STILLER, Ilka (Helena)  1942Sho'ah I502